Standard Performance Agreement

Crossroads Music is a full-time music venue, presenting original acoustic artists in a listening-room atmosphere inspired by the popularity of house concerts across the country.  We are equipped with a full stage, professional sound system, and some basic canned lighting, and can handle up to 100-seated listeners. We do not operate a food or drink concession [the Winnsboro Center for the Arts (WCA) takes care of that]…our patrons are encouraged to bring their own special beverages to the performances. Therefore, our only revenue comes from the tickets we sell for admission to our shows.  Artist compensation is solely by division of money collected for those tickets— due to the purely speculative nature of our operation, we regret that we can’t offer a contracted guarantee to secure a booking.

STANDARD OFFER—Door split procedure

For Premium Shows/Headliners, ticket sales are typically:

  • $15 adv/$18 door/$20 reserved seating while they last 
  • Gross ticket sales minus 8.25% sales tax*
  • $100 venue fee off the top and prior to artist/venue split, which covers marketing, advertising, promotions, creation/distribution of concert posters, website exposure, email blasts, Facebook postings, phone ticket-sales service, etc.  This is necessary to keep Crossroads afloat.
  • $50 deducted from pre-split monies if a soundman is requested by the performing artists.
  • Remainder is split 70% to artist(s), 30% to house (including WCA)
  • Artists keep 100% of their merchandise sales.

*Sales tax of 8.25% is incl. in the ticket price, and subtracted from the door total before settlement.


Crossroads may book warm-up acts of our choice to help attendance.  These acts will generally perform for 20 minutes or so, which would put the headliners starting around 8 PM and finishing somewhere between 10 and 10:30. Compensation for any openers would be from passing the basket.  This serves two purposes; keeps the ticket prices down and makes it more attractive to be an opening act! [As we all know, travel expenses have risen significantly]. 

Co-headliner shows, with artists’ mutual consent, may also occur, especially if we feel it will help attendance. Co-bills split the artists’ percentage of the door 50-50, unless otherwise negotiated. 

·        Media list available upon request

·        Event posters from artist’s publicity department are always welcome [13]

Load-in 5pm/sound check 5:30/doors open 7pm/show starts 7:30


Because we do not serve food or beverages, we must ask that our artists be responsible for their own meals on the day of the show. We are currently working on various agreements with the surrounding bed & breakfast facilities, so that accommodation options will be available to the traveling musicians as needed.  Please let Crossroads know well in advance if rooms are needed so accommodations can be reserved.  Rules & Regulations for the individual B&B facilities will be shared upon arrival…Musicians will check-in prior to the sound-check and show, which works best for ALL concerned.