Friday nights can be a tough-sell for Winnsboro nightlife, and tonight was no different, despite the fact that it was the Eve of SpringFest in the Downtown area.  Quite a storm planted itself overhead, and a couple times I thought 2-Bit Palomino might be doing an unplugged version of their show by candlelight!  It never came to that, but they were certainly prepared to make it happen for the folks that ventured out to see their performance.  The band is made up of Andi & Ren Renfree, along with Bill Ward, who has graced the Crossroads’ original stage prior to hooking up with Ren & Andi.





[L to R: Andi Renfree, Bill Ward, Ren Renfree]


Together, they really light up a stage.  Plenty of great guitar work, keyboards, and percussion, backing three part harmonies that’ll knock your socks off—after all, they DID win the TMA [Texas Music Award] for “Best Vocal Group of 2011″…Shot too Nabby!!  I’d really like to have them back sometime, but I’ll need a higher level of support from our wonderful community!


~~Gus Gustafson

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