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Custom Peace Silver Dollar JFK pyramids

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  • Orgone is a vital energy found everywhere in nature. Other terms that have been used to describe this energy: Prana, Chi, Universal energy.
  • The ability to store orgone energy dates back to Franz Bardon (1909-1958)
  • Wilhelm Reich further developed the storing of orgone energy in the mid-1900s, creating the ORAC Box which generated positive orgone energy while accumulating negative energy, too.
  • In 1991, Karl Hanz Welz improved on Bardon & Reich’s work, creating a device made of resin with metal particles. This creation transformed negative into positive energy.  Welz trademarked the name Orgonite during this 1990s timeframe.
  • Don and Carol Croft powered-up the technology even further, in the early 2000s, by adding a terminated quartz crystal to the mix of metal and resin, magnifying the orgone generating effect. The quartz crystal has a piezo-electric effect that amplifies the positive orgone, and there is NO LONGER an accumulation of negative energy over time.  The Crofts were also pioneering in the orgonite gifting movement, which is now worldwide!

***Within each orgonite piece we create, you will find high-quality resin, metal, at least one terminated clear Arkansas crystal point, and a new addition that sets ours above all the rest—Ancient 2-Billion-year-old Russian Shungite, a natural mineral containing “fullerenes” which are powerful anti-oxidants. Found only in the Karelia Region of Northwest Russia, Shungite is said to be a protective healing stone; absorbs negative energies while shielding from harmful electro-magnetic frequencies [EMFs] emitted from cell towers, smart phones, computers, and other personal electronic devices. 5G has arrived into our current Wi-Fi reality, and it is NOT a friend of the human race!  DAMAGE to brain-function is REAL, & dangers are seldom discussed.  Our orgonite: a highly efficient energy-transmutation device, drawing in negative life-energy and converting it into positive energy.


  • Attach to your phone as a ‘pop-socket’; Beside your computer/modem or tablet; Buried by your smart meter; On your person; In your vehicle; “GIFT" them! 

Images [by Jim Willis Photography]

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