Gathered TIPS for end-users:

An assortment of accumulated feedback follows:

First, the thumb pick:

***Remember, wetting your thumb and “pushing” the sleeve into place, works best.  The water will dry, and the fit will be perfect.

***Exchange the flat pick with YOUR favorite flat pick, to get the action you prefer out of your thumb pick

***You can adjust the angle about 10 degrees either way, without having to cut into the ‘pick pocket’

***Left-handed player!?  The pick pocket can be customized to allow the flat pick to be reversed! Yay!

Finger Pick tips:

***Make sure you take the time to shape, file, and buff the nails to fit your personal style.

***Wetting your fingers, or powder, will help the picks slip into place with ease…

***Some end-users have eliminated the curvature of the nail, by filing the underside of the nail, to create a flat pick.  Others leave a smaller point instead of a whole nail, while still others shift the entire cot to one side or the other, to change the angle of attack.

***Guitar pickers, Banjo players and Autoharp players have been experimenting with these picks “upside down.”  When you customize the nail, you can heat it and bend it so that it follows the contour of your finger tip, just like the metal ones do…

***Some folks take these to the nail salon and let the professionals shape them to their specifications, shortening the length, eliminating curvature, and buffing to a high-gloss smooth finish that glides nicely over the strings.  Further modification might include the addition of the acrylic gel, or porcelain powder coating, while you’re at the nail salon, to help create the tonal quality you may be used to…

***Powders or string lubricants like Finger Ease work well to eliminate friction between the cots during finger-picking. [depending on your playing style, this is probably a ‘non-issue’]

***Give these picks a good test.  We believe you can customize & adapt them so that they enhance your playing technique.  Learning curve is different for everyone.

My Best,


Int’l postage gone WILD!

USPS postage has gone up yet again, and we are forced to raise the international S/H to $14.95 + $1 for each additional package in the same envelope, which still barely covers the new costs. We held off as long as we could, and have been below costs for about a year now.  Please don’t let this stop you from trying our new products, especially if you believe they can help your technique.  Whether it be autoharp, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, resonator, mandolin, banjo, harp, classical guitar–any and all stringed-instruments–the ultimate finger picks [and now the thumb pick] just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The way around the high cost of shipping is to group your order with fellow pickers that might want to try these picks, too.  Example:

  • From Australia, you order two three packs of the large size, one three pack of mediums, and two thumb pick prototypes…
  • Your shipping would be: $14.95 USD for the first pack, and then $1 each for the four additional packs within the same order, equaling $18.95 for five products.
  • This breaks down to $3.79 per package.

Team Ultimate 🙂


In its TENTH year, Crossroads shifted the focus of its existence from concerts to developing the Ultimate Finger Pick invention.  With Gus getting hired back in Winnsboro, and departing from his duties in Sulphur Springs, it was logical to continue supporting what the Winnsboro Center for the Arts [WCA] had going on the Bowery Stage [formerly the Crossroads Music Company & Listening Room Stage].


As of October 1, 2015, Gus’ full time responsibility as Winnsboro’s Main Street Manager also included overseeing all the wonderful things happening in the Cultural Arts District, which is the same overlay downtown, and boasts the WCA as its ANCHOR for everything happening in the Cultural Arts District!  The Winnsboro Center for the Arts, with Jim Willis handling all the bookings for the Bowery Stage, is selling out performances right and left, and just hosted Judy Collins [Sweet (Suite) Judy Blue Eyes] on June 14th in little ol’ Winnsboro, Texas.  That’s right, you heard right!  Stay tuned for the next chapter as it unfolds, and help us keep live music ALIVE here in East Texas!

Adam Carroll @ Crossroads!

July 25, 2015, Adam will be coming to Sulphur Springs, Texas! Advanced Tickets

A Texas Songwriter born and raised, Adam Carroll takes the events of ordinary lives and turns them into deeply moving, often humorous songs.


With seven Indie CDs supporting regular tours across the USA, Canada and Europe as “one of the hippest songwriters on the Texas music landscape”, this engaging Americana guitar-picker has earned further critical acclaim with song placements in the Grammy nominated film, Country Strong and others.

“The core of what I do is songwriting; it’s the one thing I’m passionate about. It’s the most fulfilling and challenging job I can imagine.” explains Adam.

From his studio records produced by Grammy Award winner Lloyd Maines (South of Town, Lookin’ Out the Screen Door, Live at Cheatham Street, Far Away Blues) through to his latest releases (Old Town Rock N Roll, Hard Times with Michael O’Connor, Live at Flipnotics), the quality of his songwriting stands out.

Given a rare command of the English language and an amazing sense of melody, it’s little surprise Adam has earned enviable comparisons to Townes Van Zandt, Todd Snider, John Prine and Bob Dylan as well as being recognized as a creative influence on his songwriter peers.

Adam Carroll’s song credits include co-writes and CD or Film covers by Slaid Cleaves (Race Car Joe, Hard to Believe), Hayes Carll (Take Me Away, featured in the film Country Strong) and Band of Heathens (Medicine Man, Maple Tears).

“Among singer-songwriters, Adam Carroll is probably Austin’s best-kept secret. His tunes are marvels of economy; .. constantly inventive and decidedly offbeat .. Live at Flipnotics offers a typically low-key yet inviting overview of his career. With (Producer) Scrappy Jud Newcomb on guitar, he sparkles .. ” Jim Caligiuri, Austin Chronicle 

“Influences ? .. Adam Carroll .. I used to skip my own gigs to go watch him .. by far my favorite, somebody whose writing style I emulated in some ways.” Hayes Carll, No Depression 2011

Robert Ellis in Concert; Thursday, May 7, 2015


ROBERT ELLIS [Tickets], The Musician’s Biography; Videos
The Lights From The Chemical Plant

“I want this record to be more about the Paul Simons and the Randy
Newmans and the other half of my upbringing,
which is very much rooted in pop.” – Ellis recently told Rolling Stone

Robert Ellis is the kind of songwriter who only comes along once in a great
while. With his first two albums, a promise was made. With his new
record, The Lights from the Chemical Plant, that promise has been delivered
and fully realized. The music, like the artist, refuses to accept the confines of a
box, and burns white-hot from the inside out. But what seems even more
striking about this record, this musician, even at a first glance, is that feeling
of unyielding authenticity.

With every remarkable cut, with every twist and turn, Robert’s life and his
experience, shine through. His days growing up in a small industrial town in
Texas, his move to Houston, and now as a 25-year-old man, when not on the
road performing around the world, living with his wife in Nashville.

The Lights from the Chemical Plant, produced with great care and precision by
Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings of Leon, Norah Jones), and recorded at Eric
Masse’s Casino studio in East Nashville for New West Records, is an album
that has a way of grabbing you by the hand and pulling you in so that it can
play with your soul.  –Read More–

Terri Hendrix/Lloyd Maines–Concert & Songwriters Workshop!



Terri Hendrix, with Lloyd Maines: Saturday & Sunday, April 18/19, 2015

Terri Hendrix; Mini Bio

Terri Hendrix is an award-winning Texas songwriter who spins sorrow into joy and wrings wisdom from the blues with a poetic grace and uplifting melodic flair that has endeared her to three generations of loyal fans across the country and around the globe. As the San Antonio Express-News observed in a review of her 2010 album, Cry Till You Laugh, “Part of the beauty of Terri Hendrixs music is shes among the best at recognizing, writing about and celebrating resilience and common ground, the things we can all cry, and laugh, about.” The classically trained vocalist and deft multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin and harmonica) has released more than a dozen albums on her own Wilory Records label, dodging musical pigeonholes her entire career by weaving folk, pop, country, blues and swinging jazz into an eclectic style all her own. That playful mix of styles, buoyed by her energetic stage presence and the accompaniment of legendary producer/guitarist Lloyd Maines, makes for a highly energetic and spiritually uplifting live show in any setting, from intimate listening rooms and theaters to festival stages. In addition to touring and recording new music for four different album projects slated for release in 2015, Hendrix is currently writing her second book (her first being 2010s Cry Till You Laugh — The Part That Aint Art, containing song lyrics and essays on life… [Read More @ Terri’s Website]

Lloyd Maines; Mini Bio

Lloyd Maines Few people are as important to the development of Texas music over the last 30 years as Lloyd Maines. As a Grammy award-winning producer and musician, the Lubbock-born Maines has played an instrumental role in the creation of some of the Lone Star State’s most famous and beloved albums. Maines began his recording and producing career in 1974. Over the past 40 years, Maines has worked on approximately four-thousand albums alongside some of the most significant figures in country, rock, and Texas music. In addition to his producing credits, Maines is an A-list steel guitar player and multi-instrumentalist. His work has been heard on countless recordings. Maines was inducted into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame June 2014. He has made more appearances on the PBS show than anyone else in the history of the program. For an ongoing list of his accomplishments, please visit his website,

Crossroads Music Remaining Concerts – 2015

These are the shows that are on the books, as of March 7, 2015, for the balance of 2015.  Join our email list, to stay connected for any changes that may come along, and for a heads-up when tickets go on sale for the different performances!

Multi event wo FINAL copy-2

  • March 14th: 2-Bit Palomino
  • April 18h: Terri Hendrix/Lloyd Maines
  • April 19th: Songwriters Workshop, w/Terri & Lloyd
  • May 7th: Robert Ellis
  • May 30th: Beppe Gambetta/Brad Davis
  • July 25th: Adam Carroll
  • Sept. 5th: Matt “Songbird” Jones
  • Nov.12th: Jonathan Byrd Band