An assortment of accumulated feedback follows:

First, the thumb pick:

***Remember, wetting your thumb and “pushing” the sleeve into place, works best.  The water will dry, and the fit will be perfect.

***Exchange the flat pick with YOUR favorite flat pick, to get the action you prefer out of your thumb pick

***You can adjust the angle about 10 degrees either way, without having to cut into the ‘pick pocket’

***Left-handed player!?  The pick pocket can be customized to allow the flat pick to be reversed! Yay!

Finger Pick tips:

***Make sure you take the time to shape, file, and buff the nails to fit your personal style.

***Wetting your fingers, or powder, will help the picks slip into place with ease…

***Some end-users have eliminated the curvature of the nail, by filing the underside of the nail, to create a flat pick.  Others leave a smaller point instead of a whole nail, while still others shift the entire cot to one side or the other, to change the angle of attack.

***Guitar pickers, Banjo players and Autoharp players have been experimenting with these picks “upside down.”  When you customize the nail, you can heat it and bend it so that it follows the contour of your finger tip, just like the metal ones do…

***Some folks take these to the nail salon and let the professionals shape them to their specifications, shortening the length, eliminating curvature, and buffing to a high-gloss smooth finish that glides nicely over the strings.  Further modification might include the addition of the acrylic gel, or porcelain powder coating, while you’re at the nail salon, to help create the tonal quality you may be used to…

***Powders or string lubricants like Finger Ease work well to eliminate friction between the cots during finger-picking. [depending on your playing style, this is probably a ‘non-issue’]

***Give these picks a good test.  We believe you can customize & adapt them so that they enhance your playing technique.  Learning curve is different for everyone.

My Best,


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