Gus edit cover NO 4C

MARMALADE – by: Gus Gustafson

Chorus: Don’t get lonely in the morning, I’m comin’ by in the afternoon…Don’t get lonely in the morning, sugar, I’m slidin’ by in the afternoon…If you’re all lonely there this morning, I’ll need more time to change your tune…

I’m gonna getcha, baby, I’m gonna take you for a ride…Sun is shinin’ momma, ain’t it pretty countryside…You and me together, that equals smiles we just can’t hide…


Bridge: I understand “the lonelies” cuz I’ve been there before…if we put our sparks together, we won’t be there no more, no no no no more…so let’s just head out towards the country, we’ll have a picnic in the shade…we’ll strum each other’s heart strings, I just can’t wait to feel ’em played…I got to tell ya, darlin, THERE’S SOMETHIN’ ‘BOUT YOUR MARMALADE!

Chorus, then tag with, “I’m gonna take my time, and change your tune”

Four In The Morning:  by; Gus Gustafson

4 in the mornin’, I kept on drinkin’, hopin’ I’d never see the dawn

The booze wasn’t workin’, the blues theywere lurkin’

She hopped the train and she was gone…


Chorus: My MoJo’s brokin, No I ain’t jokin’, hasn’t served me in a while

She ain’t returnin’, though my heart’s yearnin’, for one more chance to reconcile…

V#2; 4 in the morning; Down at the depot, Watchin’ the trains, that’s NOT my style!

She rocked, then she rolled me, Used & abused me…Got no more reason left to smile


Dawn was breakin’; My hands they were shakin’, I could see the light o’ day

I got to thinking, it might be my drinkin’…Lord, there’s gotta be a better way

The dawn was breakin’; my heart it was achin’, & there she stood across the track…

My heart started poundin’, trumpets were soundin’,

[I thought]…I just might get my baby back!

—-Chorus #2—-

My MO JO’s workin’; my coffee’s perkin’, My baby’s back here by my side

We’re contemplatin’, co-habitatin’, & I believe it’s bonafide!

4 in the mornin’; Down at the Depot… My life had passed before my eyes