Gus; I just got the Ultimate Thumb pick and a set of three Ultimate Finger Picks and wanted to give you my impression of them in the way of a review. I have pretty much [tried] every thumb and finger pick available. I saw a YouTube video on your product and thought I needed to add it to my collection. I was really pleased by what a great product this is. It far exceeded my expectations. Here are some unbiased pros and cons:
Ultimate Thumb Pick Pros: I inserted my favorite pick (Blue Chip TD 40) into the pick pouch of your Ultimate Thumb Pick and it fit perfectly. Your thumb pick sleeve fits snug but does not cut off blood circulation. I was able to strum chords and play lead with my fingers free–not holding the pick. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to strum chords with upstrokes without the pick twisting or loosening on my thumb. Up and down picking patterns for lead were a breeze as well. Of the dozens and dozens of different thumb picks I own, this is now my favorite. Cons – The thumb pick feels like it is a medium size and is a little snug. Not terrible, but I think the Large size will fit me better when it is available. I will be playing the one I have until the Large is available and then I will order several.
Ultimate Finger Pick Pros – I have the Large Clear ones that are first generation. They fit perfectly and are by far the most comfortable finger picks I have. They slide on, stay put, and then come off when gently pulled from the top – perfect fit. They do not cut off the blood supply to the fingers either. The nail design is genius! It is positioned exactly like a fingernail and is perfect for anyone used to playing with their nails. There is also the added benefit of being able to do a downward strum with them. Another pro is that you can shape them how you like, though the shape they come in is very usable (I may not change the shape of mine).  I can change from an open hand finger picking to a closed hand, where I have a grip on the pick in the thumb pick. It is a very natural grip and I can feel the pick between my index finger and my thumb (unlike plastic or metal finger picks). It’s like holding my pick in a natural way while wearing thin rubber gloves – sounds funny, but it works great. I can get a lot of pick dynamics this way.

Cons – Seriously – None. My only complaint is that I like the next generation [nail] design, but it is not available yet in Large. When it is available, I will be ordering several sets.

2nd Generation Nail Design [left image]…Thumb pick to the right…

As a final note in this review, Money doesn’t lie and these were so good that I immediately bought another set. I will be ordering several Ultimate Thumb Picks in Large as soon as they are available. I will also be ordering several sets of the second generation Ultimate Finger Picks in Large as soon as they are available. They were nice enough to include a 20 % discount in the package with my first order. I like this product and I want to support the development of them, so I chose not to use it on my second order. I want to support this product and hope to see them have the funds to continue to grow…

Don L. – USA

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