In its TENTH year, Crossroads shifted the focus of its existence from concerts to developing the Ultimate Finger Pick invention.  With Gus getting hired back in Winnsboro, and departing from his duties in Sulphur Springs, it was logical to continue supporting what the Winnsboro Center for the Arts [WCA] had going on the Bowery Stage [formerly the Crossroads Music Company & Listening Room Stage].


As of October 1, 2015, Gus’ full time responsibility as Winnsboro’s Main Street Manager also included overseeing all the wonderful things happening in the Cultural Arts District, which is the same overlay downtown, and boasts the WCA as its ANCHOR for everything happening in the Cultural Arts District!  The Winnsboro Center for the Arts, with Jim Willis handling all the bookings for the Bowery Stage, is selling out performances right and left, and just hosted Judy Collins [Sweet (Suite) Judy Blue Eyes] on June 14th in little ol’ Winnsboro, Texas.  That’s right, you heard right!  Stay tuned for the next chapter as it unfolds, and help us keep live music ALIVE here in East Texas!

The Ultimate Finger Pick!!

Except for the few Kickstarter backers that have not gotten back with their mailing addresses, we’ve sent out the first generation finger picks to all our supporters!!  Starting with the “one size fits most” mentality, we created a “medium” cot over-mold for the nail, with the ability to add expansion slits to accommodate bigger fingers.

medium prototype

TUF expansion slitIf you’d like to try these first generation units, you can still donate to the cause and get a 3-pack mailed to your doorstep…Click HERE!


Crossroads 8th Anniversary Concert was Magical!!

Eight years of global entertainment in the small town of Winnsboro, Texas, boasting a population of less than 5,000 people.  CRAZY!  The original founders of Crossroads were our entertainers, and a few more joined in the fun!  This was the final Crossroads show of the year, and there are no other performances scheduled until the Winnsboro Center for the Arts works out their renovations during the Winter months, as well as what weekends THEY will be needing the stage.  I’ll post another blog addressing what lies ahead for 2014, once we know more.  For now, enjoy the pictures in the Facebook album, and don’t forget to click on the Crossroads YouTube icon on the homepage to catch of few of the songs that were performed on Saturday night!  Two songs from Saturday night!!

Below: Everyone was there!  Lynn Adler & Lindy Hearne [original founders]; Denice Barton, who climbed on board, joining owner Stephen Marshall, who took the reins from Adler & Hearne to keep things rolling along while Adler & Hearne took their show on the road!…Then came Gus Gustafson in 2010, which is when “& Listening Room” was added to the Crossroads Music Company name 🙂  Global talent, sharing their original music & connecting with their audience in a fantastic intimate listening room setting!  That is how the MAGIC happens!!



THANK YOU to all who have shown such wonderful support over the last 8 years.  Allow us to keep you in the loop for what waits around the next corner.  Good things on the horizon!  ~~Gus Gustafson

Sponsorships sought!!



Sponsoring a Crossroads Music Concert event was never as appealing as it is right now!  www.CrossroadsMusicCompany.com

Here are some reasons:

  • Since the write-up in Southern Living Magazine 9 months ago, Crossroads website page-views have increased substantially
  • “Hits” broke the 100,000 mark, PER MONTH, from May 2012 on…
  • Crossroads Music Company is still the reigning Business of the Year for the Winnsboro Chamber of Commerce, until the next banquet announces its next winner.  We are also featured in this month’s Texas Highways Magazine, with a wonderful article capturing the essence of Winnsboro’s magic.  On top of all that, Crossroads has been inducted into the County Line Magazine’s HALL OF FAME, for winning “Best Live
  • To keep the excitement going, we’re re-inventing the website, and adding another reason to visit–the “Store,” which will offer tickets, merchandise, and music by the artists that performed on the Crossroads stage [that choose to participate].  This feature should be in place by February 2013.
  • Crossroads just celebrated its 7th Anniversary, with a show put on by Adler and Hearne [co-founders] a few weeks back…this event & SEVEN [the other December show] were both videotaped, and there will be plenty of footage posted.
  • Videos from past concerts will also be available in the Crossroads YouTube library, which is extremely valuable, since a sponsor’s stage banner will be visible for 3+ minutes while someone is viewing a live performance of a song performed on the Crossroads stage.
  • The new design for the website will feature one or two main banner ads on the top of the home page, with additional banner ads along the right-hand side

Sponsorship opportunities are as follows:

  • Louisiana Crossroads Band: www.crossroadsfans.net January 26th; $500
  • Global talent – Janet Robin; http://www.janetrobin.com  February 16th; $500 [taken]
  • Global talent – Kinky Friedman; http://www.kinkyfriedman.com March 1st; $1,000
  • Global talent – Emily Elbert; http://www.emilyelbert.com April 20th; $500
  • Slaid Cleaves – http://www.slaidcleaves.com/  June 22nd; $500
  • Other acts we’d like to bring back include, but not limited to, Billy Joe Shaver; Rhett Butler [playing at Bass Hall on January 25th];  Guy Clark, SEVEN, Terri Hendrix, Sara Hickman, Billy Joe Shaver, Wildernest Spring MusicFest, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Robin & the Bluebirds, Buddy Flett, Druha Trava, Jimmy LaFave, etc…

Sponsorship would include:

  • Consider triangulation, or dual sponsorship opportunities, by adding one or two related businesses to the mix for increased benefit.
  • Your banner [provided by you] hung on the stage, seen by patrons at the show, and included in videos & photos, many of which receive much exposure on the internet, including YouTube.
  • 30 day website banner ad–front and center on the Crossroads Home page– which would LINK to your website and be seen by thousands
  • Your logo, as a sponsor, on all the promotional posters, and a blurb in my email blasts, maybe promoting a special YOU may have going, etc…My email addresses are approaching the 2,000 mark, all of people that have signed up to receive, and actually OPEN and READ the emails.  Now that I’ve switched to Word Press for the website, and GOOGLE for the email management, I’ll have tracking results for you on all this.
  • We will also be able to determine how many people click on your link from the banner ad, and transfer over to your website, so the banner ad should most likely include some special…
  • Also included with your sponsorship package will be concert tickets for the event you are sponsoring.  The number will be determined when you signup for your sponsorship package.

Please let me know as soon as possible, since I need a sponsor in place for this month’s event, and will still honor a full 30-day banner ad.

Gus Gustafson


7th Anniversary Concert Hit the Spot!

Kate, Lynn, Lindy and Warren

Adler & Hearne, with Special guests Kate & Warren

Two very significant shows for December!  One has come and gone, but will NOT be forgotten–The 7th Anniversary of Crossroads Music Company & Listening Room!  Suffice it to say that they ALL continue to evolve & grow as musicians/singers/songwriters, and East Texas is fortunate to have access to this extremely talented family and their entertaining skills!  However, we get them less and less as the National touring dates increase in number.  This includes Warren Jackson Hearne & The Le Leek Electrique Band, and their touring, and NOW Kate Hearne increasing her appearances…rumor has it that during the Wildernest MusicFest in October, Kate & Vanessa Peters worked out some tour dates for EUROPE in the Spring!!!  Just plain KEWL, that’s all I can say about that!

I’ll have more to say about where Crossroads is heading, after I blog about the Historic SEVEN concert on December 29, 2012.  This is a show you do NOT want to miss.

Also, keep an eye aimed at the new Crossroads Music Company website.  January marks the opening of the Crossroads store, which will include available music from the performers that have taken the Crossroads’ stage over the last seven years.  There will also be merchandise for sale, and more concert ticket sales will be made available online as well.  2013 will hopefully see the remodeling of 204 Market Street, and maybe some extra cool Wildernest events!  ~Gus


Crossroads Acquires Publishing Rights

Crossroads Music Company will take on the duties associated with the publishing company created to launch the original works of Gus Gustafson, back in 2006–Unbeluckinfievable Productions [copyright].  Songs will be made available through the Crossroads website, and a new CD should be out this Fall…Stay tuned.