Except for the few Kickstarter backers that have not gotten back with their mailing addresses, we’ve sent out the first generation finger picks to all our supporters!!  Starting with the “one size fits most” mentality, we created a “medium” cot over-mold for the nail, with the ability to add expansion slits to accommodate bigger fingers.

medium prototype

TUF expansion slitIf you’d like to try these first generation units, you can still donate to the cause and get a 3-pack mailed to your doorstep…Click HERE!


11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Finger Pick!!”

  1. I was one of your early supporters in the Kickstarter campaign. I pledged at the $20 level meaning I should have received a package of the fingerpicks. Your site says 95 percent of the picks were shipped in December. It’s early January. I have not received a shipment. What information do you need to complete my shipment?

  2. I received my trial packet and discovered that they are very tight fitting even with the slit. I hope you come out with larger sizes soon. It seems that these could really be helpful.

    1. We’re trying to get the larger mold funded, and will post an update when it is available…this size is too small for me as well! 🙂

    1. New website is about 1 week from launch: http://www.ultimatefingerpick.com
      Until that time, you can go to the Crossroads Music Company page, and get some there!
      A $30 donation will get you a 3-pack mailed to your doorstep, anywhere in the USA…extra S/H for international, all explained on the page!
      Thank you for your interest in our new product! We hope it solves some issues for finger pickers everywhere!!


  3. I wanted to pay today by credit card an order for a 3-pack but when i concluded the remittance procedure the page closed without confirming receipt of the payment. In stead the screen mentioned that the email had not reached the receiver (??) Please, let me know me whether you have received the amount due.

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