Kate, Lynn, Lindy and Warren
Adler & Hearne, with Special guests Kate & Warren

Two very significant shows for December!  One has come and gone, but will NOT be forgotten–The 7th Anniversary of Crossroads Music Company & Listening Room!  Suffice it to say that they ALL continue to evolve & grow as musicians/singers/songwriters, and East Texas is fortunate to have access to this extremely talented family and their entertaining skills!  However, we get them less and less as the National touring dates increase in number.  This includes Warren Jackson Hearne & The Le Leek Electrique Band, and their touring, and NOW Kate Hearne increasing her appearances…rumor has it that during the Wildernest MusicFest in October, Kate & Vanessa Peters worked out some tour dates for EUROPE in the Spring!!!  Just plain KEWL, that’s all I can say about that!

I’ll have more to say about where Crossroads is heading, after I blog about the Historic SEVEN concert on December 29, 2012.  This is a show you do NOT want to miss.

Also, keep an eye aimed at the new Crossroads Music Company website.  January marks the opening of the Crossroads store, which will include available music from the performers that have taken the Crossroads’ stage over the last seven years.  There will also be merchandise for sale, and more concert ticket sales will be made available online as well.  2013 will hopefully see the remodeling of 204 Market Street, and maybe some extra cool Wildernest events!  ~Gus


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