Normally, I’ll blog about a great show within 48 hours or so, but this particular show needed a week to really reveal itself for what it was—UNBELUCKINFIEVABLE!  It has been the talk of East Texas, and all that TALK is quite positive!!

 We knew going in that we were going to be entertained by a group of seasoned professionals on the Crossroads Stage, and the hype & anticipation created an even higher level of excitement.  SEVEN brought all-original concert-level performance material, some of which was hard to contain within the four walls of the Winnsboro Center for the Arts building, but–for the most part–the sound was well balanced & the song presentation was very STRONG!  This whole experience was like having a full house of close friends, all gathered in support of their musical family, eager to be a part of the latest chapter in the lives of a handful of musicians whose bios read like a ‘who’s who’ in a Music’s Hall of Fame entry!  In fact, I’ve included the bios sheet, for those who have yet to read about the members of SEVEN.


The band SEVEN–Opening Night [including a glimpse of Crossroads’ host, Gus]
 Common with ALL large performance productions, a few glitches are ironed out along the way, and—as the evening unfolds—MAGICAL MOMENTS show up!  This was true for SEVEN’s  historic launch as well.  The band broke the show into three pieces, transitioning  from the first to the second set with an “unplugged” acoustic grouping.  If you were paying attention, you could ‘feel’ the band gel with one another, and BAM! came the MAGIC!  The playful bantering between Ovid Stevens & Bubba Keith was unrehearsed, entertaining, and just right for the night…it was like having a group of celebrities performing a private concert in your own living room!  By the time they performed their future hit song, “Don’t Give Up,” the roof was about to LIFT OFF!  Stay tuned for some video clips, as I post to the Crossroads’ YouTube library [still transitioning all the components from one website to this new one].  Also, check back from time to time for SEVEN updates…we’ll be monitoring new developments and sharing them here!  If you’re not already signed up for email updates, please take time to register.  I do NOT share my list with ANYONE ELSE, and try to limit my email blasts to one a week. ~Gus


2 thoughts on “SEVEN’s Breakout Performance was STRONG!”

  1. Great review and I’m not surprised! I know I’m not the only one breathlessly awaiting video clips from the show, as I am very disappointed to say that I was unable to attend. THIS TIME. Again, great review, please keep us posted with upcoming videos, future event dates and news. ~Holly Horton

  2. Gus, Thank you for the kind words, the great hosptality, and for providing such a nice venue for the people of Winnsboro and surrounding cities. It was a 2 hour drive for me and worth every second of it. Hope to see you again sooner than later! I had a wonderful time on and off stage that night. Thanks again, Gus!

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