Crossroads is planning to end 2012 with a BANG!!  It’s been fun being the Winnsboro Chamber of Commerce “Business of the Year” and we even took part in the Annual Christmas Parade!  Every year we have an anniversary show, and this year we’ve moved it to December 15th–Our 7th Anniversary Event featuring Adler & Hearne, with Warren Jackson Hearne & Kate Hearne.  It is quite fitting featuring Lynn Adler & Lindy Hearne, since they are the co-founders of Crossroads Music Company.

December 29th will be another historic event, featuring a brand new band–SEVEN–sure to gain GLOBAL attention once the world recognizes its members!  Fame is no stranger to these seasoned professionals, and you’ll just have to take the time to read the bios in order to confirm my rantings!!  Trust me, the list is TOO LONG to include in this shout-out!  I’ve listed the bios on the website, within their calendar event.

Two great shows, that make GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!  🙂

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