Kinky Friedman & Jesse Dayton warm up the crowd on a chilly night in Downtown Sulphur Springs!





Friday night, March 1st?  Some might say it’s kind of risky to plan an outside concert to be held on a downtown Courthouse Square in Sulphur Springs, Texas when it’s officially still WINTER!  Well, the way the weather patterns have been acting lately, the consensus was to take a chance, knowing it could have played out many different ways.  After all, it is Texas!  It was a little chilly, with highs around 50 and sunny for the afternoon. The winds died down at dusk, and the show went on as planned!  My estimates were numbers approaching 500, if you took into consideration those attending the VIP gathering at the soon to open Swamp Pots Restaurant, on the square across from the Hopkins County Veterans Memorial.  The entire downtown filled up nicely, with many folks patronizing the local restaurants before & after the performance by Kinky Friedman & Jesse Dayton.  They performed some great tunes, off their many CDs, including cuts from Kinky’s new release, Bi-Polar Tour!


Yes, a bit chilly, but well worth it to hear Kinky update everyone on what he’s been up to, both musically and politically.  When asked about autographs, Kinky responded by saying, “I’ll sign ANYTHING, except bad legislation!”  And, speaking of politics, rumors were leaked that Kinky may be running for the Texas Governor’s office once again.  We’ll keep you all posted as we learn more on this.  All in all, a wonderful event, so THANK YOU to all who showed their support by braving the colder temps!  There were even some strategically placed 55 gallon drums with fires of their own, as warming stations around Sulphur Springs newly renovated Downtown Courthouse Square, complete with their already famous see-through restroom facilities!  Kinky also brought plenty of his OWN brand of tequila to warm folks up—Man In Black.