Winnsboro was truly blessed this past weekend…just sayin’…


First off, the Songwriter’s Worksho]]>


Some of those that participated in the workshop traveled over 100 miles to be a part of it all, and they said it was well worth it!  Of course, spending a weekend in magical Winnsboro is NOT such a bad way to go…the music is truly coming ALIVE, and Winnsboro boasts SIX different venues that now offer live entertainment to the community and surrounding areas—NOT BAD for a town with posted population signs claiming only about 3,500 residents!


The workshop was limited to about 15 participants, but the concert Saturday night filled the WCA [Winnsboro Center for the Arts].  When Lloyd Maines asked, there were a surprising number of people in the crowd that had never seen Terri LIVE before Saturday night, although many of them owned one of her 14 CDs that she has produced independently over the past 20 or so years–impressive!  Did I mention the Grammy Awards???!!  Good, just making sure those reading this are aware what just went down in Winnsboro, Texas.  I counted hands of about two dozen folks that had never seen them live prior to Saturday night.


So, you ask, has the fame changed these two consummate professionals?  The answer remains, “NO.”  Terri still lost track of time, having such fun with her new-found friends in the audience, giving a performance that far exceeded any agreed-upon set lengths–always full of great stories, many of which shared by Lloyd.  The reality TV production company that has been gathering footage for a pilot about Winnsboro’s musical magic, was on hand to interview Terri & Lloyd, and captured some performance footage, too…stay tuned!!


As if all that isn’t enough, Terri & Lloyd enjoy the nurturing of rising talent, and chose Winnsboro area’s own Kate Hearne to warm up the crowd, as their opening act.  Kate has been honing her multi-instrumental skills, and will continue her college training at South Plains in West Texas come Fall.  She brought her friend Garrett, who contributed some very tasty bass guitar during their performance, and they even let ME get up and blow some harmonica on a blues tune that Kate covered of one of her father’s tunes–Dad being Winnsboro’s own Lindy Hearne, and the song covered being, “Our Love has a Chalk Line.”  THEN, for the final tune of the evening, Terri & Lloyd dove into a rendition of “Wind Me Up” and included YOURS TRULY, Kate, Garrett, Shannon, YOURS TRULY, and Sherry [from the workshop], for a great jam finale!!  It made all the hard work putting the weekend together TOTALLY WORTH IT!!


To Terri & Lloyd:  Please know how much you are LOVED in East Texas, where we’re in the middle of the battle to keep LIVE MUSIC ALIVE!


My Best,


Gus Gustafson


Crossroads Music Company & Listening Room

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