The return of Richard Bowden, with the Moon & Starz, to the Crossroads/BankTexas Stage, was a real treat!  Yes, it was a couple Saturdays ago, so my apologies for not publishing this sooner.  I was waiting on the right picture, and believe the one below needs to b]]>

Anyway, what can I say about this group of seasoned professionals that hasn’t already be]]>Greg “Moon” Attaway on drums, percussion and vocals, Richard Bowden on guitar and vocals, John Early on guitar and vocals, Pat Roberson on bass guitar and vocals and Mark Vidito on keyboards and vocals.  Extra information on all them can be found at their website:

Richard and the famous Don Henley hail from the Linden, Texas area, and rumor has it that their careers began together…In actuality, Richard and Don formed their first band together in Linden around 1963, which was the Four Speeds, with friends Jerry Surratt and Fred Neese.  It became Felicity and then Shiloh.  Shiloh relocated to California but fell apart after that.  Don and Richard both became part of Linda Ronstadt’s band.  Don left Linda to form the Eagles.  Richard played with Linda a while longer and after that was part of two recording and touring projects that included Greg.  One was with Sneaky Pete Kleinow (Flying Burrito Bros) known as Cold Steel in ’73-’74, and the other was with the Roger McGuinn Band in 1975.  Both of those projects also included their Linden friend David Lovelace.  The original Moon & the Starz band formed in 1999 after Richard returned to Linden from Nashville.  The original lineup included Richard, Greg, David, John (Early) and friend Joe Hamilton.  Pat Roberson replaced David Lovelace when he passed away in ’03.  David’s brother Richard played piano for a bit.  Then Mark (Carlisle) Harrell became a regular keyboardist up until 2007 when Mark Vidito came in as a sub and then replaced him when he secured more regular playing opportunities in Dallas / Fort Worth.

…I had asked Richard if he could get Don to open for ’em, but he thought Don needed a little more practice beforehand–HA!!  The humor still effortlessly slips off Richard’s tongue, and he doesn’t miss the opportunity to share it with his audience.  The band mixed stories of the past with plenty of humor, more current events, great instrumentation, and packaged it all together into two very entertaining sets.   They performed to an attentive crowd, happy to have them back in Winnsboro!

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