Every day our life gets a little shorter–I realize this is a statement of the obvious.  None of us “Earth people” have a clue when the final day will arrive for each of us–also, quite obvious.  The trick seems to be how best to spend our minutes here on Earth during our human experience.

OK, so Winnsboro offered-up some delightful minute-consuming options this past weekend, and many informed-souls took advantage of the Winnsboro Fine Art Market [ www.WinnsboroArt.com ]…Competition was high, I was told, with the Mineola Iron Horse Festival taking place, not to mention the biggest Canton weekend of the year being the November Canton weekend [Yes, THIS weekend].  As a result, foot traffic was low.  Regardless, I specifically picked Albert & Gage for this weekend in Winnsboro, believing in my heart that what they offered musically would be a great fit for the humans that were going to be in Winnsboro for the weekend–I believe today that it was a wonderful choice!!

As many of you know, Crossroads Music Company is in transition, sharing the Winnsboro Center for the Arts’ stage while decisions are made with regards to a performance hall suitable for bringing LIVE BIG NAME ENTERTAINERS into a small town like Winnsboro.  A special shout-out and THANK YOU to Michael & Shannon Monk, of Monk Custom Homes, stepping up in a sponsorship role for THIS performance, helping bring this talented duo into Texas’ one-and-only RURAL Cultural Arts District in the entire State–Yes, I’m talking about Winnsboro!!!


Those in attendance witnessed an extraordinary show, from the GLOBALLY KNOWN Chris Gage & Christine Albert, who brought along stand up bass player David Carroll to fill out their already awesome sound—Chris on guitar/keyboards, and Christine on rhythm guitar–Harmonies that made your little neck hairs stand and take notice!  Second-to-none songwriting, and musical talent that received more ovations throughout the night than I could keep track of!  Adding even MORE “kewlness” to the night was the addition of Claude “Butch” Morgan as their musical guest!!  Butch has been on the Crossroads stage before, numerous times over the last seven years.  Suffice it to say this show ranked right up there as a “proper” use of your Winnsboro minutes–less than 180 if you’re counting–while in town for the Fine Art Market—just saying.  Of course, you might say I’m partial to the musical experience as a legitimate use of life’s minutes, to which I will reply, GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!  To those of you who decided taking in a Saturday night concert was just TOO MUCH packed into one weekend, may I share a quote that was shared with me some time ago…”We can SLEEP when we’re DEAD!”


~~Gus  [Winnsboro’s local Promoter/Ambassador]

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