So, Nicholas Altobelli contacted me right after I posted the return of Emily, and locked in the spot of opening act.  This was the perfect fit for what proved to be an awesome night of music in East Texas!

What can I say that hasn’t already been said??  Emily Elbert just keeps getting better, as she continues to spread the LOVE all around the world, including Winnsboro, Texas!!  You say you’d like some clever, percussive, acoustic guitar work??  Maybe some Jimi Hendrix, or Allman Brothers, or Stevie Wonder, or Willie Nelson, or Bill Withers, or even Michael Jackson?  Not a problem, and Emily puts her own signature stamp on ALL of them!  Then there’s her cleverly crafted originals, with plenty of depth and weight for even the deepest thinkers of our time!  What else do you want?  Well, Saturday night you got it all; Emily shared songs from her third CD, “Alive, in Love,” which followed her second release,  “Proof.”  Roland Elbert [Dad] accompanied Emily on keyboards, which was the perfect fit for the tunes they performed together–there was MAGIC in the listening room on this Saturday night in April!

What is that you say??!!  You MISSED this INCREDIBLE show, in this wonderful, intimate listening room know as Crossroads Music Company, inside the Winnsboro Center for the Arts??  I no longer know how to respond to these missed opportunities.


Emily shot used for KETR interview

Emily Elbert’s interview aired last week on KETR’s Notably Texan radio program, hosted by Matt Meinke!  It’s worth the listen [click on Emily’s interview]  Nicholas Altobelli came into Winnsboro from Dallas, to open for Emily, and the music of BOTH these fine artists aired during the Notably Texan broadcast.


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