WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!  Yup, it was another night of MAGIC you missed, if you chose another activity besides coming to Crossroads to witness these three wonderful singer/songwriters.  Lined up across the stage, they took turns presenting their original pieces of musical art, along with the life-experiences, moments, visions, etc, that sparked the creation of those songs.  Rather than bringing a structured song list to the table, they all allowed the songs that were played ahead of their next turn to inspire which one from their own repertoire ought to be performed next.  The magic emerged, NATURALLY!  🙂

Helene has some tunes available on itunes, including “Lucky Me,” a song about her encounter with a United States soldier in an airport.  The song has received  global attention, and drew a standing ovation from the crowd–great presentation by Helene!! She’ll be talking to folks in Nashville this upcoming week about recording her next CD–one that will reflect what she’s creating today.

Out of the three, Lisa Markley was the most “jazzy.”  Clever & witty, in both content and delivery!  Both Lisa & Helene helped us all realize how spoiled we are to have Lynn Adler in our own backyard!  Winnsboro was Blessed when Lynn Adler chose to call these Piney Woods her home, over 10 years ago they tell me…She spoke of those things in her life that inspired much of her writing–Winnsboro historical events included.

Lynn Gus Helene Lisa Songwriters in the round


[Top photo by Jim Willis/photo above compliments of Dave Sanders]

As “THEY” say: “You had to BE there” to truly appreciate what transpired on the Crossroads Stage last night!  Magic like that doesn’t happen while you’re listening to an artist’s CD, plain and simple…A HUGE thank you to Helene, Lisa & Lynn…CHEERS!  ~Gus

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