Ultimate FingerPick – 2nd-gen. nail-med.

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The Ultimate FingerPick “becomes” your fingernail & pick, enhanced & strong! New 2nd generation nail design will work right out of the package for most, yet is still customizable for those that will want to tweak and “fine-tune” the product. Plus, the clear over-mold “disappears” on your finger, allowing your own flesh tone to show through.  Priced separately, on sale now for $13.99 each single unit…Watch for coupon codes to SAVE EVEN MORE!

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Sold individually at this time, in case you would like to start with ONE and see if the new design is right for you.  [There is a “quantity” field on the product page where you can adjust quantities.]

The New Ultimate Nail design
The new “beak technology” incorporates two types of finger pick designs into one!

With its new “beak” design, this pick will work for most players straight out of the package and onto the fingertips, either right-side up or inverted. The curve follows a similar radius found on steel picks, so “inverted” may be the chosen orientation for playing stringed-instruments such as Autoharp, banjo, pedal-steel, or resonator. The “original” nail design is preferred by Autoharp players, and will continue to be made available.  Whether it’s an upstroke, or a down-stroke, the Ultimate finger pick will stay put and enhance the tonal quality of your finger picking experience! This 2nd generation nail is still fully customizable–if necessary–for the end-user, so no matter what your finger picking style may be, The Ultimate FingerPick will potentially work for you!  Our first production run is the MEDIUM sized clear over-mold. Expansion slits [shown in the pic below] can be added by the end-user, for more “breathing-room” in the interim.


Sizing: A good way to decide which size will work best for you, is by the measurement of the first knuckle on your index finger.

    • The Large is about a 9 to 9 1/2 ring size, in its relaxed state, and expands from there [NOT available yet, for the 2nd gen nail design]  “Small” over-mold is also on the drawing board.
    • The Medium is about a 6 1/2 to 7 ring size, in its relaxed state, and easily expands to ~10.
    • Search “ring size templates” if you need to measure yours.

pack size

$19.99 each unit


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