Ultimate FingerPick – Lge. Neutral Over-mold

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Ultimate FingerPick – Large
This is for the bigger fingers, and has a ring size approx. 9 1/2 in its relaxed state, then stretches from there… Some even fit this one on their thumbs, and use it as a thumb pick nail.

Sizing: Ultimate FingerPick;  A good way to decide is by the measurement of the first knuckle on your index finger.

    • The Large is about a 9 to 9 1/2 ring size, in its relaxed state.
    • The Medium is about a 6 1/2 to 7 ring size, in its relaxed state.
    • Search “ring size templates” if you need to measure yours.

Gus Jim Bob

Pack size

2-pack, 3-pack

6 reviews for Ultimate FingerPick – Lge. Neutral Over-mold

  1. by.drema

    Guys, do you have delivery in the Russian Federation?
    Your ultimate fingerpicks is exactly what I’m looking for..

    Thanks in advance!

    • gus

      forgive the delay on answering this email…

      Yes, if the Russian Federation allows it, then the USPS will ship. S/H will be $9.95 USD for the first package, with only an additional $1.00 for each package ordered that ships in the same envelope, so gather up all your interested friends and save a bundle of money! 🙂

    • gus

      Yes, we deliver to the Russian Federation…”check-out” will walk you through everything you’ll need for shipping/handling…

  2. Rex (verified owner)

    These finger picks are extremely comfortable and easy to use. They provide a greater degree of control over the strings of my auto harp than anything else I have ever used. The plastic nail at the end can be heated (hot water or hair dryer) and shaped to just the right angle for any player. Highly recommended for auto harp players, and for any other stringed instrument player out there.

  3. gus

    Yes, larges are available, and so is the new thumb pick prototype!

  4. Gus Gustafson

    We’re sure you’ll love these picks, if you give them a fair chance.
    Some suggestions: Some end-users are wearing these picks upside down [banjo players as an example], and others feel more comfy with them cocked to one side or the other, to alter the angle of attack on the strings they’re plucking 🙂 Whatever works! Still others find that the curvature of the nail causes catching on the upstroke, so they “flatten” the underside of the nail with a file, creating more of a flat pick…Less “catching” equates to more precision as the pick glides across the string. The nail has glass beads infused with the resins, making them more ‘acrylic.’

    Remember to take the time to shape and buff these nails, as smooth as possible, to your own personal preference, & to get them to glide across the strings without catching. Some guitarists are clipping the ends of the nails to resemble the point of a flat pick, and having success like that. Some Autoharp players are using them “as is” length-wise, straight out of the package and onto their fingers  Other end-users are taking the picks to the nail techs, and letting them add acrylics after they get them to their ideal length.
    Powders & string lubricants like Finger Ease work well to eliminate friction between the finger cots. [The emery board included is just a marketing piece, and rather ineffective for filing & shaping].

  5. N. Grundy

    Hell Gentlemen,

    The first joint of my index finger (right hand) is a size 11 ring. This would be, so your “Large” size will not fit.

    Do you have any idea when an “XL” size will be available?

    Thank you.

    N Grundy

  6. gus

    Sorry for the “growing pains”…Strictly internet right now, until we get all sizes funded and added to inventory, plus the ability to mass produce the thumb pick…then we’ll enter into the music stores… ~Gus

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