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USPS postage has gone up yet again, and we are forced to raise the international S/H to $14.95 + $1 for each additional package in the same envelope, which still barely covers the new costs. We held off as long as we could, and have been below costs for about a year now.  Please don’t let this stop you from trying our new products, especially if you believe they can help your technique.  Whether it be autoharp, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, resonator, mandolin, banjo, harp, classical guitar–any and all stringed-instruments–the ultimate finger picks [and now the thumb pick] just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The way around the high cost of shipping is to group your order with fellow pickers that might want to try these picks, too.  Example:

  • From Australia, you order two three packs of the large size, one three pack of mediums, and two thumb pick prototypes…
  • Your shipping would be: $14.95 USD for the first pack, and then $1 each for the four additional packs within the same order, equaling $18.95 for five products.
  • This breaks down to $3.79 per package.

Team Ultimate 🙂

2-Bit Palomino Rides Again!

Saturday, March 14, 2015, at 7:30 PM; Advanced tickets, only $10!!

201 N. Davis Street; Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 903-342-1854

Yes, they’ve completed their latest musical works, and plan to bring it with them to Sulphur Springs, for a performance in the Chambers Listening Room–Historic City Hall.


About 2-Bit Palomino

2-Bit Palomino Awarded Texas Vocal Group of the Year for the Second Time!

2-Bit Palomino is a Trio of Houston Singer/Songwriters Andi Renfree, Ren Renfree and Bill Ward. Founded in March of 2010, 2BP (as their fans call them) have made huge strides and are quickly becoming a household name in Texas Music, and across the country. 2-Bit Palomino is the 2011 and 2013 recipient of the Vocal Group of the Year award from the Academy of Texas Music, and is currently on the US Americana Terrestrial and Internet Radio Charts with over 40 Stations across the country playing their music.

Each of the members brings their own flair and style to the group. Their music is a blend of all three coasts; West Coast, Gulf Coast and East Coast. This diversity lends to a very wide range of styles that somehow all come together to form a unified sound that is uniquely 2-Bit Palomino.



Jive Jumpers; Johnny & the Nightcrawlers

Saturday night at Crossroads Music Company & Listening Room on May 11, 2013, and we had a “roomful” of Blues!!  Not only was the listening room FULL of Blues, but it lasted for over THREE HOURS!  Pretty cool, I must say!

This was a co-billing between the Jive Jumpers [formerly known as Diddley Squat Blues Band] and Johnny & the Nightcrawlers.  By the end of the evening, BOTH bands were on the stage together for one HUGE joint encore!!!  Click on the band name for a taste of what you missed!

The dynamics & song presentation of the Jive Jumpers really stood out–very tasty!  Johnny Simmons & the Nightcrawlers were really enjoying themselves on the Crossroads stage, and it was quite apparent with all the cuttin-up between tunes.  Both bands have a great time while performing, and it shows–excellent chemistry!

D88G9921-1 D88G9928-1_2



Vote for Crossroads as “Best Live Music Venue in East Texas!”



Crossroads Listening Room

Click here to vote for Crossroads Music Company & Listening Room, as the Best Live Music Venue for the East Texas Music Awards!

Emily performance MAR 2011

Emily is ALL the BUZZ as she returns to Crossroads!!


So, Nicholas Altobelli contacted me right after I posted the return of Emily, and locked in the spot of opening act.  This was the perfect fit for what proved to be an awesome night of music in East Texas!

What can I say that hasn’t already been said??  Emily Elbert just keeps getting better, as she continues to spread the LOVE all around the world, including Winnsboro, Texas!!  You say you’d like some clever, percussive, acoustic guitar work??  Maybe some Jimi Hendrix, or Allman Brothers, or Stevie Wonder, or Willie Nelson, or Bill Withers, or even Michael Jackson?  Not a problem, and Emily puts her own signature stamp on ALL of them!  Then there’s her cleverly crafted originals, with plenty of depth and weight for even the deepest thinkers of our time!  What else do you want?  Well, Saturday night you got it all; Emily shared songs from her third CD, “Alive, in Love,” which followed her second release,  “Proof.”  Roland Elbert [Dad] accompanied Emily on keyboards, which was the perfect fit for the tunes they performed together–there was MAGIC in the listening room on this Saturday night in April!

What is that you say??!!  You MISSED this INCREDIBLE show, in this wonderful, intimate listening room know as Crossroads Music Company, inside the Winnsboro Center for the Arts??  I no longer know how to respond to these missed opportunities.


Emily shot used for KETR interview

Emily Elbert’s interview aired last week on KETR’s Notably Texan radio program, hosted by Matt Meinke!  It’s worth the listen [click on Emily’s interview]  Nicholas Altobelli came into Winnsboro from Dallas, to open for Emily, and the music of BOTH these fine artists aired during the Notably Texan broadcast.


Kinky Friedman & Jesse Dayton warm up the crowd on a chilly night in Downtown Sulphur Springs!





Friday night, March 1st?  Some might say it’s kind of risky to plan an outside concert to be held on a downtown Courthouse Square in Sulphur Springs, Texas when it’s officially still WINTER!  Well, the way the weather patterns have been acting lately, the consensus was to take a chance, knowing it could have played out many different ways.  After all, it is Texas!  It was a little chilly, with highs around 50 and sunny for the afternoon. The winds died down at dusk, and the show went on as planned!  My estimates were numbers approaching 500, if you took into consideration those attending the VIP gathering at the soon to open Swamp Pots Restaurant, on the square across from the Hopkins County Veterans Memorial.  The entire downtown filled up nicely, with many folks patronizing the local restaurants before & after the performance by Kinky Friedman & Jesse Dayton.  They performed some great tunes, off their many CDs, including cuts from Kinky’s new release, Bi-Polar Tour!


Yes, a bit chilly, but well worth it to hear Kinky update everyone on what he’s been up to, both musically and politically.  When asked about autographs, Kinky responded by saying, “I’ll sign ANYTHING, except bad legislation!”  And, speaking of politics, rumors were leaked that Kinky may be running for the Texas Governor’s office once again.  We’ll keep you all posted as we learn more on this.  All in all, a wonderful event, so THANK YOU to all who showed their support by braving the colder temps!  There were even some strategically placed 55 gallon drums with fires of their own, as warming stations around Sulphur Springs newly renovated Downtown Courthouse Square, complete with their already famous see-through restroom facilities!  Kinky also brought plenty of his OWN brand of tequila to warm folks up—Man In Black.



Janet Robin Rocks the House!!

How do you describe Janet Robin?  “Energized” is a word that comes to mind.  “Accomplished” is another good word, especially when describing her guitar playing!  Pure ENTERTAINMENT sums up the whole package, when you combine that energy with her room-illuminating smile & presence, singer/songwriting delivery, and awesome guitar-playing skills.  What a wonderful talent showed up in Winnsboro, Texas last night!!

Janet Robin hails from Los Angeles, California, and is very popular in Europe as well as the United States.  If you missed the show and would like to learn more, click the link and visit her website.  You may pre-order her next CD, to help bring it press, while checking out her impressive credentials and accomplishments!  In the meantime, check out a few pictures from last night’s Crossroads’ performance, compliments of Wildernest’s Jim Willis.


DSC_0185 DSC_0003

Those in attendance were treated to an opening performance from Winnsboro’s own rising star–17 year old Tyler Lenius.  I, too, was invited to participate a few times during the evening, which was truly awesome!  Let’s find a way to bring Janet Robin back…I believe she enjoyed our down-home East Texas flavored hospitality!  Maybe a future Wildernest MusicFest?  Your comments are always welcome.  ~Gus Gustafson

What you need to know about Janet Robin


Coming all the way from Los Angeles, California for the show…quick stop in Houston Friday night, then to Winnsboro on Saturday!

Check out Janet, shreddin’ it!!

Music audiences around the world have seen and heard Robin’s guitar work as a former touring member of the Lindsey Buckingham Band (Fleetwood Mac), Meredith Brooks Band and Air Supply. As a youngster, she was a student of Randy Rhoads.

Her abilities as a guitarist have garnered the admiration of many, including singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked, who called Robin “one of the best guitarists.” She has shared the stage recently with Monte Montgomery, Heart, Colin Hay and other artists.

Robin’s new album, “Everything Has Changed,” produced by John Carter Cash, was released on May 1, 2012, and she’ll have it with her when she comes to Winnsboro on February 16, 2013!!

Winnsboro’s own Tyler Lenius, the 17 year old up-and-coming guitar player/singer/songwriter, will be the opener for this show, so come on down and show your support…tickets available online, or call Gus @ 903-342-1854.


Sponsorships sought!!



Sponsoring a Crossroads Music Concert event was never as appealing as it is right now!

Here are some reasons:

  • Since the write-up in Southern Living Magazine 9 months ago, Crossroads website page-views have increased substantially
  • “Hits” broke the 100,000 mark, PER MONTH, from May 2012 on…
  • Crossroads Music Company is still the reigning Business of the Year for the Winnsboro Chamber of Commerce, until the next banquet announces its next winner.  We are also featured in this month’s Texas Highways Magazine, with a wonderful article capturing the essence of Winnsboro’s magic.  On top of all that, Crossroads has been inducted into the County Line Magazine’s HALL OF FAME, for winning “Best Live
  • To keep the excitement going, we’re re-inventing the website, and adding another reason to visit–the “Store,” which will offer tickets, merchandise, and music by the artists that performed on the Crossroads stage [that choose to participate].  This feature should be in place by February 2013.
  • Crossroads just celebrated its 7th Anniversary, with a show put on by Adler and Hearne [co-founders] a few weeks back…this event & SEVEN [the other December show] were both videotaped, and there will be plenty of footage posted.
  • Videos from past concerts will also be available in the Crossroads YouTube library, which is extremely valuable, since a sponsor’s stage banner will be visible for 3+ minutes while someone is viewing a live performance of a song performed on the Crossroads stage.
  • The new design for the website will feature one or two main banner ads on the top of the home page, with additional banner ads along the right-hand side

Sponsorship opportunities are as follows:

  • Louisiana Crossroads Band: January 26th; $500
  • Global talent – Janet Robin;  February 16th; $500 [taken]
  • Global talent – Kinky Friedman; March 1st; $1,000
  • Global talent – Emily Elbert; April 20th; $500
  • Slaid Cleaves –  June 22nd; $500
  • Other acts we’d like to bring back include, but not limited to, Billy Joe Shaver; Rhett Butler [playing at Bass Hall on January 25th];  Guy Clark, SEVEN, Terri Hendrix, Sara Hickman, Billy Joe Shaver, Wildernest Spring MusicFest, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Robin & the Bluebirds, Buddy Flett, Druha Trava, Jimmy LaFave, etc…

Sponsorship would include:

  • Consider triangulation, or dual sponsorship opportunities, by adding one or two related businesses to the mix for increased benefit.
  • Your banner [provided by you] hung on the stage, seen by patrons at the show, and included in videos & photos, many of which receive much exposure on the internet, including YouTube.
  • 30 day website banner ad–front and center on the Crossroads Home page– which would LINK to your website and be seen by thousands
  • Your logo, as a sponsor, on all the promotional posters, and a blurb in my email blasts, maybe promoting a special YOU may have going, etc…My email addresses are approaching the 2,000 mark, all of people that have signed up to receive, and actually OPEN and READ the emails.  Now that I’ve switched to Word Press for the website, and GOOGLE for the email management, I’ll have tracking results for you on all this.
  • We will also be able to determine how many people click on your link from the banner ad, and transfer over to your website, so the banner ad should most likely include some special…
  • Also included with your sponsorship package will be concert tickets for the event you are sponsoring.  The number will be determined when you signup for your sponsorship package.

Please let me know as soon as possible, since I need a sponsor in place for this month’s event, and will still honor a full 30-day banner ad.

Gus Gustafson